If you are planning to keep a reptile, it is absolutely essential to learn about its lighting requirement. There is more than one benefit that ultraviolet light can bring for your reptile.

In the natural, reptiles receive UVB from sunlight. However, in the enclosure even when you place your tank nearby the sunny window, UV light is blocked by glass wall of the tank, so your reptiles cannot exposure through the window. This is the reason why you need to have the best UVB bulb.

Why does reptile need UVB light?

There are only a few species of reptiles can get vitamin D3 from the supplement in their diet, their food or get vitamin D3 that produced within their body.

However, almost all reptiles will need to absorb vitamin D3 from UVB light. Vitamin D3 is necessary for calcium metabolism, maintaining bones, growth and egg production. It prevents the risk of metabolic bone disease and blindness for reptiles.

Besides these main effects above, a reptile that is particular about its food can be stimulated to eat if you allow it to absorb enough amount of UVB light.

Moreover, exposure under reptile UVB light can stimulate their activity and normal behavior such as climbing, bathing, reproductive behavior, mating, etc. Keeping in mind that there is no harm providing for a reptile with a UVB light.

How to get UVB light in reptile tank?

UVB is the non-visible spectrum of light. In captivity, you can produce UVB light for reptiles by fluorescent bulbs, which is emit the UVB light that similar wavelengths as natural sunlight.

There is no normal bulb of human can emit naught the mount of UVB lights that reptiles need, so it is important to purchase on the best reptile light bulbs that designed specifically for reptiles lighting.

Over time, UVB bulb will produce less light and you should replace it for about every 9-12 months.