Purchasing on the electric sheep shears is necessary in order to keep your sheep groomed and removed all the pests from their body and also helps them reduce heat stress especially when it comes to summer.

Due to that, the best time in the years to shear your flock is in the late spring and preparing for the next summer. There are a lot of electric sheep shares available, this post will help you to choose the best sheep shears for your needs.

What will you use this sheep shears for?

You need to determine your appropriate before choosing sheep shearing blades

If you are sharing sheep just once per year to harvest the wool or if you just prepare for a fair, then you should choose the coarse combs with fewer teeth. The combs with fewer teeth mean allow you much easier to cut through dirty and long wool. But it also leaves small ridges and do not very good looking.

In contract, if you are looking for the sheep shares that do not make any ridge, and suitable for livestock shows sheep. Then the combs with more teeth will be ideal. We recommend you to choose 20 or 24 tooth sheep sharing combs.

The shear’s power

You should choose the shear that has enough motor power to endure during the shearing process or you will need to turn off the shear when it becomes too hot.

You are suggested to have two shears on hands at the same time.

Reasonable cost

Investing in the top of the electric shears will be necessary only when you are using your shear frequently for sheep competitions and attend livestock shows. However, if your work is shearing sheep to harvest the wool and not frequently, you can consider a less-expensive option.