Original from Mexico, tortillas are a simple, nutritious and common dish. If you have a passion for cooking, you have a perfect receipt and fresh ingredient, all you need is the best tortilla maker.

When mention about making tortillas at home, it may feel like a daunting, difficult task. But with the best tortilla presses, you can easy to make a flat, delicious, and even thickness tortillas.

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Here’re some tips that we were aggregate to help you find the best tortilla press ever.

#1 Types

Cast Iron Tortilla Press:

If you prefer to cook corn tortilla, it may be the best tortilla press for corn tortillas.

Because corn tortillas tend to more thin than flour tortillas and hard to peel them out of the press. Then cast iron press have a heavy and bulky design which made a perfect shape and even thickness tortillas without less pressure.

But cast iron is easy to rust out.

Wooden Tortilla Press:

This is a traditional way to make a tortilla that still used in Mexico. Pinewood made a cheap and soft device, this press is also more economical than the other.

Moreover, this type of press is lightweight and easier to move out. As a result, the wooden tortilla press is the best tortilla press for flour tortillas.

#2 Size

Almost tortilla presses are quite bulky. You should consider how much counter or black space that you have in your kitchen room.

The most popular size of tortilla presses is 8 inch while best tortilla press 10 inch is more suitable if you want to make a tortilla more fit with your mouth when wrapped.

#3 Manual and Electric

If you want to make tortilla in an original way, you should try a manual press. On the other hand, all you need to do is press and an electric press will do all the rest for you, that should be your best tortilla press.