Not all tarantula enclosure are design with the equal quality. Since tarantulas are an observable pets, they will spend most of their time in the cage, so you want to give them the best tarantula enclosure possible, the spacious and durable cage, where they can feel comfotable and secure inside.

In order to make your choice easier and ensure you get the proper enclosure, I would like to recommend here two of the most popular tarantula enclosure: Exo Terra All Glass Terrarium and Carolina Custom Cages Terrarium . Both Exo Terra and Carolina custom cages are reliable, renown manufacturer in the reptiles industry.

#1 Size and Shape

There is the important thing most tarantular owners have to know is their enclosure shape. Tarantulas can be deviced into two groups are arboreal and terrestrial tarantulas. Arboreal tarantulas enjoy to clim, they spent most of their time up in the trees and terrestrial tarantulas love to burrow deep into the subtrate or stay in the hiding place. General speaking, Arboreal tarantula require an enclosure that has height over width while terrestrial tarantula nedd more floor space instead of tall.

Exo Terra All Glass Terrarium can sold the problem when it comes to enclosure shape for different species. This is because it available in 2 versions are 18” and 12” tall. This  makes it an ideal enclosure for both terrestrial and arboreal tarantulas.

On the other hands, Carolina Custom Cages Terrarium measures 24 x 18 x 18. Although it is not the cage that has the height is more than the length, it is also provide enough height space for  Arboreal tarantulas. However, if you want to keep more than one tarantulas, I would like recommend this cage for terrestrial tarantula.

#2 Ventilation

The drawback of most all glass enclosure is the lack of ventilation. But these two cages are naturally well ventilated. Both of these cages features a screen cover top for air circulation and also allow the UVB and light go through. The Exo Terra cage also includes the front window ventilation mechanism.

#3 Secure

The face that your tarantulars can be real escape artists, they will always find the way to escape. You will want to get the enclosure that must be secure enough to prevent escape and protect your tarantulars from other house hold pets.

In the features, i hightly approciate Carolina Custom Cages Terrarium as it has the features of key lock security, you only open it with the key. You also can hang the key directly on the enclosure.

Exo Terra enclosure also features a secure lock. However, the lock is made of plastic so you should becareful as it can be the problem in long term use.

#4 Accessible

You will need to access inside the cage for many case: cleaning, feeding, handle your pets, etc. So this feature is important if you want to easily open and reach all the areas of the cage. It is recommened to choose the cage with dual width opened door.

Exo Terra terrarium has a removeable mesh cover and double opening separate doors in front, which makes it easy to access. Carolina Custom Cages Terrarium comes with two hinged opening windows that allow you to easy reach all the areas inside the cage.

#5 Durability

A tarantular can live up to 10 years. I am surely that you will not want to change the other cage in this time. Looking for the durable cage that can last and to look pristine for years to come. Luckily, these cages are made of high quality glass. Exo Terra has the good contruct with a stainless steel mesh cover and relatively heavy at 12.5 kg.

However, if you are looking for the most high quality option, Carolina Custom Cages Terrarium can provide excellent quality. It is made of premium design with high quality materials. But the drawback is that it is reletively expensive.