The best small animal water bottles are usually considered as a better option to contain water than traditional water bowls. Water bottles keep the drinking water fresh for longer, water also do not get contaminated or dirty or spilled everywhere.

However, one of the most common and frustrating problems that small animal owners face relates to water bottles is the cleaning. One potential drawback of using a bottle rather than a bowel is that bottles are harder to clean (particularly narrow-mouthed models).

#1 How often should you clean water bottle?

Water bottles also need to be cleaned every day and once in a while. If not properly frequently cleaned, bacteria can flourish in the water bottle, potentially leasing to your pets falling sick. There are two types of water bottle cleaning that you should do.

One is daily cleaning that you should change your pet’s water every day and rinse the bottle. And about every other day, you should deep clean and disinfect the bottle.

#2 How do you daily clean the water bottle?

Every morning, you should perform the daily clean, emptying the bottle of the leftover water, offer your small animals fresh water every day, after 24 hours. Then rising the bottle with warm water and wiping it on the outside. It is a very simple process that only takes you a minute but ensure the optimal health for your pets.

#3 Thoroughly cleaning

Every few other day, expand this ritual so that you can give the bottle a more thorough cleaning. Repeat these steps but instead of warm water you should use hot water and clean the inside of the bottle. You can use clean cloth or a brush for the inside. A bottle brush will help make the process much easier (particularly for water bottles that have narrow mouths), but a hand sponge will work in some cases.

If you use a glass bottle, you can clean it through your dishwasher. Boiling water can be used to disinfect glass bottles, but it can damage the plastic bottles and risk leaving a residue. Should not use soap or other cleaning products as they can leave residues that affect the taste of the water.

After that, finish your work by wiping the bottle on the outside. Use some cotton swabs with hot water to touch each corner of the bottle, especially the drinking spout.

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