Buying any products in the internet is very risky, especially if you have no idea about the size of it. You will not want to buy the one that too small for your hand to wear or too big that cannot be kept in place.

While you don’t need your everyday gloves to fit you properly it’s vital that your horse riding gloves do so you need to make sure you get the right size. There are some ways that you can assess the fitting of your best riding gloves.


#1 Half-inch increments

Manufacturers use two ways to measure sizes and one of them is half-inch increments. Basically, the size of the gloves increases in an increment of half inches. In order to check the size, you should measure your hand’s girth without the thumb.

Measure around the knuckles on your dominant hand, this measurement should be done in inches and rounded up to the nearest half-inch. For example, if your hand is 6.5 then you’d round it up to 7.

#2 Universal sizing

When it comes to universal sizing, there are some ranges are defined. The range of sizing is then put in a size chart, usually between XXS and XXL. You can understand that: S = small, M = medium, and L = large. you’ll need to check the manufacturer’s sizing chart to see which size matches the measurement of your hand.

#3 How to measure your hands?

These two schemes require that you measure your hands in inches. To do so, you can wrap a fabric measure tape around your knuckles and except the thumb and measure the inches. Then, the measurement to the nearest half-inch. If your hands are 6.5 – 7 inches, your hand is S size, 7.5 – 8 inches is M size and 8.5 – 9 inches is L size.


#4 Can I use the size of my current gloves

I can be the great ideal to look at the size of your current gloves to choose the size for the new one. However, this won’t always work. This is because the sizes might differ between particular brands or even models.

In order to get the right gloves, you need to measure your hands. If the gloves are not properly fit your hands because of wrongly chosen size, it may hinder your ride and proper feeling of the reins.

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