It is absolutely essential to provide best rat toys in your rat’s cage. Toys are not only for entertainment, enrich the environment of your pet rat, they also help keep your rats be active, stimulate mental for optimal health.

However, did you know what are the different types of toys you should place in their cage? I have listed here some type of rat toys that should be given.

#1 Tunnels

Rats love tunnels. Some rats love running through them, while others prefer to stay hidden inside them. If you go check out your local pet store, you will find that there are some material that make up tunnels for rats.

Tunnels made of hardened plastic or PVC can be placed in the cage or hung by stainless steel wire hangers. You also can handmade tunnels for your pets by long cardboard boxes or tubes or wood. If your rats prefer to sleep in the tunnel, you should give them one that have fleece interiors. Be sure to select pipe with a large enough diameter to prevent the rodent from becoming stuck in the pipe.

#2 Exercise wheels

Your rat were stuck in a cage all day, so they require exercise to be healthy. Provide activity wheels an excellent way for a rodent to exercise. However, there is a thing to remember that do not choose the wheel with wire bar spacing. It is better to choose the flat surface wheels, which cannot trap the rat’s feet or tail. Rats generally require a wheel 11 inches in diameter.

#3 Climbing toys

With climbing toys, you should look for toys which are going to challenge your rat and which can be attached to multiple surfaces. Hanging toys are great as your rat has to figure out how to get up to them.

Ladders, ropes, branches, tubes, hammocks, stacked boxes, etc are some items that can encourage your rat to do climbing activities. These can be attached to the top and sides of the cage to greatly increase the amount of play area in a cage.

#4 Chewing toys

Your pet rat’s teeth growing during their entire life, so they need somethings to chew and wear down their teeth. Chewing toy is necessary for their dental health. Good chew toys for rats and mice include rawhide chews, wood (make sure that the wood is safe, with no preservatives), and cardboard chew toys.