There is no one type of food will suitable for all parrot species. A high quality and right type of food will help your parrot achieve the optimum growth and live a long healthy life. Not all parrot foods are created equally, so it’s important to learn about and provide the best parrot food for your individual bird.

Most pellet products on the market are specially formulated for specific parrot types. Generally, pellets for parrot are divided into parrot size. You will choose the type of food foor small, medium, or large parrots.

#1 Zupreem Medium-Large FruitBlend Flavor Diet

The Zupreem Medium-Large FruitBlend Flavor Diet a range of essential nutrients for the growth of parrot. Zupreem is also one of the biggest manufacturer in the world that is highly recommended by veterinarians. It is made in the USA and formulated by experienced veterinarians.

If you want your bird convert to a healthier diet, it is a good way to go as it provide essential nutrition, vitamins, minerals, and amino acid for your pet. Your parrot will love to eat this food due to its five fruit shapes with five different colors and contains at least 21 minerals & vitamins in every small piece. Not only that it has the taste and aroma taste, which will simulate the parrot’s senses. It is available in 4 bags weight are 3.5 pounds, 12 pounds, -15.5 pounds, and 35 pounds.

#2 Dr. Harvey’s Perfect Parrot Blend – Natural Food for Large Parrots

This is the ideal food for large bird such as African grey, Amazon and Australian parrots from Dr. Harvey. Its ingredients include blend of fruits and vegetables, seeds, and nuts. These ingredients are 100% natural and what parrot love to eat in the natural environment. They also provide varied balanced nutrition.

This food is not filled with any chemicals, dyes, or preservatives so you can rest your mind that it is safe and totally natural. It includes at least 12% protein, 15% fat and maximum 7% fiber. However, due to its quality and natural ingredients, it is relatively expensive compared to other food products.

#3 ZuPreem Natural Bird Food Smart Pellets for Medium/Large Bird

Another healthy and balance food for medium to large parrots such as conures, Amazons. It is made from all natural vegetables. It provides essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that your parrot will need from their diet. This food can be feed daily to create the healthy foundation for parrot’s diet.

Aside from highly nutritious, this pallet also offers the delicious flavour and easily digestible due to its extruded pellet form. However, some users report that their parrots do not like eating this pallet.

#4 Sleek & Sassy Garden Large Hookbill No Sunflower Food for Large Parrots

Sleek & Sassy is an American family-owned manufacturer. This is not the well know manufacturer for producing large bird food. However, this product is still highly appreciated by many parrot owners. It not only provides a balanced diet with natural ingredients for parrots but also tasty that attract them to eat and has the reasonable price,

If you have limited but want to give your pet with the good quality, healthy food pallet, it is the good way to go. This food is a source of protein, vitamins, minerals, and all the essential amino acids. It is packed in the Oxygen filled packaging, which will ensure you will be given the parrot food with all enzyme in seeds and grains and prevent losing of nutritional value and better digestion.

#5 Volkman Seed Featherglow Large Parrot

If you are looking for the good pallet food that support the skin and feathers of your large parrots, it is the good product to consider. Volkman Seed will satisfy your needs. This company has the high technology processing system to treat its products organically with the purpose is provide the premium quality to the users.

It is made from natural ingredients for dust-free and feather-glow of large parrot. However, it cannot be used as the main food for parrot as it does not include vitamins and minerals added and lots of sunflower seeds.

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