One important part of grooming for rabbits is pay attention to the condition of their nails and trim them if needed. It is not an easy task to cut rabbits nails especially if you are new owner.

Even you get the best nail clippers for rabbits, there is also the rick can be occurred when you do this work is that you may clip into the quick of the claw and hurt the rabbits. In this case, what should you do?

#1 How to find the quick?

There is a vein in the rabbits nails, it is also called quick. There is the note when clip rabbit’s nails is that you have to avoid clipping into this vein.  Clipping the quick will make your pets fell pain and cause bleeding.

If your rabbit’ claw is light color, you can easy to find the pick, red part at the end of the nails, it is quick. But if the nails are dark color, it is a bit difficult to identify the quick. You can use a flashlight to find the quick,

However, if you do it alone and get hard when try to restraint your rabbit, hold the flashlight and cut the nail at the same time. Instead, you can put the light squeeze of the clippers on position you want to cut. If the rabbit flinches a little, this means you are too close to the quick.

#2 What to do if you cut the quick and the nail starts bleeding?

If you cut the quick, cause the nail bleeding, this may be a surprising amount of blood when this happens. However, you should know that this is not a serious situation for the rabbit. It could be a painful for them but there is nothing dangerous.

In the case when the nail starts to bleed, you can use the cotton with flour or corn-starch to press to the wound for a few minute. This will stop the bleeding and your rabbit will recover so quickly. Let they lick their nail to clean the wound.