Clipping the rabbit’s fingernails is a necessary task to ensure the health and safety for the optimal and comfy movement. Instead of wasting your time and money to take your rabbit veterinarians and professional groomers, you learn to safely trim your rabbit’s nails at home.

In order to help you keep your rabbit’s claws safely trimmed, this post will give you some basic information and some quires that rabbit owners usually get when it come to choosing the best nail clippers for rabbits.

#1 Can I use human nail clippers for rabbits?

No, the answer is that you should not use human nail clippers for rabbits. Their functionality is different. Human nail clippers are designed to cut thin and flat nails of human. Human nail clippers are mainly used for manicuring purposes.

While the rabbit’s nails is very long, thinks and even curl. They require a special tool. Due to the thickness of nails, the rabbit’s nail clippers will need to use a lot of impact and strength force. The small nail clipper of human is too flimsy to do this.

#2 What to look for in good nail clippers for rabbits?

The first thing to look for is the durable material and constriction. You should choose the clippers that made from stainless steel with the rubber-coasted handle. You will have to apply the pressure necessary on the clipper to cut the nails that is why you need the durable clipper.

You also have to choose the clipper with sharp blades. As mention below, rabbit’s nails are very long and thick, so without the sharp blades, the nails will prone to crack while cutting. Without careful nail care, the rabbit can get around in the litter.

The firmly, non-slip grips is also necessary to keep the clipper at the right position during trimming process. Lacking this feature and can be the cause of painful accidents.

#3 How to trim overgrown rabbit nails?

With the normal rabbit nail clipper specifically the small appearance clippers, it is very difficult to cut overgrown rabbit nails with them. The clipper with the short blade cannot cut down the long nails.

You should find the clipper with extra large opening and sharp blade for the overgrown rabbit nails. If you use the scissors style clipper, it also should have the large finger hold for the comfy grip because you will need to increase the pressure on the handle to cut the hard thick nails.