Fish do not produce their body heat, they have to rely on the temperature of your aquarium water to maintain their body heat. This mean that you it is absolutely esential to have a heater to keep you fish stay healthy.

I have been keeping a 50 gallon aquarium for many years and I know that it is not a simple task to maintain the ideal temperature for an aquarium 50-55 gallon. How do you know what size heater to get? This post will help you to get the best heater for 50-55 gallon aquarium.

#1 What heater wattage is best for 50-55 gallon aquarium?

The number of watts your aquarium should have is dependent on the fish you are keeping and the size of your fish tank. The type of heater you get also affect the wattage of heater. However, there is a rule of thumb to follow is that a heater with an output of 3 to 5 watts of power for every gallon of water you have.

For a 50 to 55 gallon aquarium, a 100 watts to 200 watts heaters are good to use. But if your room is warmer than normal, it is better to go with the heater hat closer to 150 watts. In the warmer condition or during the summer, 200 watts heater even can use for a 175 gallon aquarium.

However, the efficiency goes down in a colder fish tanks. If you place your aquarium in the with the temperature under 60 F degrees, the 150 watts heater only be useable in 40 gallon aquarium.

#2 where should you put your aquarium heater?

Even you get the best heater to 50-55 gallon tank but you do not know where to place it strategically, you won; get the best function of it. The best location is near the water flow. You can place it next to the filter outlet (or inlet) or in a stream of a powerhead.

This location will ensure the heat produced is properly and evenly distributed across your fish tank by the water current.

Besides, do not place the decoration near by the heater to ensure the water circulate freely. Leave the gap between the heater and the substrate to avoid the ricks that your fish get stuck against the heater and get burned.