Gerbils are quite active pets, they love running around and need plenty of space to do this. This is why many gerbil owners prefer to provide the best gerbil wheel in their enclosure. Gerbils need wheels to stay active and healthy.

However, not all gerbils will use a wheel. If your gerbil does not use wheel, there are several reasons for this. Some of these issues can be fixed, while some can’t.

#1 The while may not be suited for gerbil

A wheel should be at least 20 cm (8″) in diameter. There is the case that you provide a hamster wheel for gerbils, because hamsters are smaller than gerbils. The wheel should allow your gerbils to run in a comfortable angle with a straight back. If the wheel is very large they will obviously not run on it because they may be too hard.

Besides, ensure that there are no any big gaps between the slats of the wheel.  The big gaps can catch gerbil’s toes, paws, or tail. Solid wheels which don’t have gaps in the wheel are always better.

#2 Your gerbil may be using it

You may not notice that your gerbils used their wheel when you are not around to hear. This is because gerbils are both nocturnal and diurnal, they become active at night and maybe in the day as well. Your gerbil may just be running on his wheel when you’re not there and you may be sleeping through the noise.

#3 Your gerbils do not like wheels

It can be the case that your gerbils do not like the wheels and it’s just their character. In this case, you will need to look for the other form of exercise for your gerbils as an obese gerbil is never healthy. These gerbils need an alternative method of getting exercise.

Exercise ball is great for exercise, your gerbil can sit in and roll around outside their cage.

#4 Your gerbils are too young

Younger gerbis can be scared of trying something new in their cage and they also tend to be lazy when they are young. If you get a under 6 weeks old gerbil, then he wouldn’t be old enough to run on the wheel yet. Your gerbil will probably just take a little while getting used to his wheel, give him more time.