Red eared sliders are adorable, docile, friendly animals and under proper cared they can have a long lifespan. However, the problem with owners when raising red eared sliders is that they are actually pretty dirty creatures. They eat plenty of food and also release a lot of waste.

This is why you will need to provide them with a powerful filter. Although canister filter is not cheap, take lots of space and bulky, it is the best filter for red eared slider tank. Red eared sliders require at least 55 gallon tank and canister filter is the only type of filter that is power enough to handle this much amount of water in the large aquarium. Canister filter also offer multi-stage of filtration.

#1 Zoo Med Laboratories Turtle Clean 511 Submersible Power Filter

This is the dependable filter with the affordable price. It features a spray bar, which will put the water back to aquarium, sustains efficient aeration and provide more oxygen in the water for red eared slider can breathe easily. Although canister filters are usually large, this canister filter can be place outside of the tank. That means it won’t take living room inside the tank.

It is quite easy to install, the clamps included are strong so they will keep the filter securely in place. The adjustable flow feature is important in the red eared slides tank as they hate the strong current. What I like about this filter is that it comes with an adjustable flow control, which allow you to control the current.

It requires low maintenance as you just need to clean it once a month, it also allow to remove the heat part and the horses for easy cleaning. If you are looking for the canister filter to save the internal room, this one if the perfect option.

#2 Fluval High Performance Aquarium Filter

If you want to get the high quality premium filter that work really effective and the price tag is not your problem, canister filter is surely the top choice for you. Although it is expensive, it will offer the effectiveness that worth your money. This is the perfect choice that will keep the water in your red eared slider always in the good situation.

This is the multiple-level filter that can be used for both freshwater and marine tanks. The FX6 versions can be handle for a tank that is up to 400 galoon, It feature the easy-priming Instant-Start system, meaning you do not need to siphoned manually.

There are two valves on the filter that allow you to adjust the water flow. The multi-directional output nozzle will move the water streams to different corners in the tank. The intake strainer equipped that will catch the debirs in the water to prevent the clogging. However, this filter is not the good choice if you want to save your internal space.

#3 Penn Plax Cascade Canister Aquarium Filter (Cascade Black 1000 Elite) 

Aside from Fluval filter, Penn Plax Cascade Canister is one of the more effective filter on the market. It is designed to handle up to 100 gallons tank. The most attractive point of this filter is that it comes with some filter media: Bio Floss, Ceramic Ring, Bio Foam, Pro Carb and a big Magna Sweep algae magnet.

This is the multiple level canister filter with the large media tray. There are 5 large media baskets, which allow you to choose and remove the filter media as you want.

You just need to press the button for automatic prime. Two 360 degrees rotating and the low control allow you to adjust the flow, these valves are removable for easily cleaning. Specially, it features the air-tight seal which will help it reduce the noise. The drawback is that this filter is not really easy to install.

#4 MarineLand Magnum Polishing Internal Canister Filter

This is another internal canister filter from MarineLand if you looking for more affordable filter with enough positives to keep the water tank clean. It can handle 290 gallon per hour, what make it suitable for up to 97 gallon tank. It features submerged motor for automatically priming.

It offers dual-chamber medial container that allow you to mix the media as your needs. The Black Diamond Carbon media includes will help prevent discoloration and bad smell of the water and also remove the water impurities. However, carbon filter require to be changed frequently at least once a month.

Bio Spira provide biological filtration for the tank as it acts as good bacteria that neutralizes nitrites and ammonia. The drawback is that it does not provide as much media tray as the other options on this list.