If you need a safe and comfortable place to contain your puppies while moving in the car, of if your new puppies need somewhere to feel secure, to sleep and housetrain, then maybe you should get the best dog cage for puppies. In reality, a puppy cage can do more than this, it can serve multiple purposes.

Here are some reasons that make a dog cage useful that help you know how to properly use it. Once you have been use a cage for a while, you will wonder how can you ever take care of your puppy without one.

#1 Housetrain

Once you get start with a new puppy, you have to face with the problem of toilet train. You need to teach them not to poop or pee in the house. If you want your puppy learn the rules faster than normal, you should cage training them.

Cage training essentially involves keeping your puppies in their cage most of the time. And the you take them outside in the exactly time of the day to go toilet. Dogs don’t like to relieve themselves in the cage, and they prefer going in the grass. Due to that, this procedure will teach them when is the time for bathroom behaviour.

You also should observe your puppies in the cage and stop them and carry them outside if they start lifting a leg or squatting. Be sure to praise them whenever your pets poop or pee in the correct place.

#2 Keep your puppies away from your stuff

Puppies especially enjoy a good chew on everything around them. This is the result of the normal teething process and also can be triggered by boredom. Even when you provide your pets good chewing toys, you cannot ensure that your puppies will not chew your stuff. When I was not around for just an hour, my puppy has rip up my favourite rug and in the living room.

However, with a good cage, you can avoid all of these problems. You can put your pup inside, keep them safe and secure in the cage and stay away from your furniture. But you also should give them some things to do inside if the cage for entertainment, so that they do not get bored during these times.

#3 Safe place to hide

Although dogs are social and friendly animals, there is always sometime when they feel spook or nervous, and some of the tiny, timid breeds of breed seem to live in the midst of an anxiety attack. The best way to make them feel better, secure and safe is provide them with a cozy, private, and dark cage to hidden.

However, not all the cages available will provide a den-like environment, you will need to make the cage more private and darken by cove it.

#4 Good place to keep puppies after surgery

After the surgery, Vets will likely recommend you to keep your puppies and quiet for an extended period of time. It can be a week and longer. This will ensure your pets do not ripping out their stitches or otherwise injuring themselves. And the best way to do so is keep them in the comfortable god cage while they recovers.