There are really only two types of material to consider when buying the best chameleon cage: Glass or wire screen. The debate over screen and glass enclosures is very confusing to new chameleon keepers. But if you are attracted by the visually appealing for your chameleons of glass tank, personally, I want to recommend screen cages for you.

The cages I have used very successfully over many years are screen cages. And this is for several reasons below:

#1 Good ventilation

Continuous supply of fresh air is a basic necessity for your pet reptile to live comfortably in an enclosure chameleon cage. However, not all the cage can adequate this requirement. A screen cage will ensure that the chameleon terrarium is good air flow to properly ventilate their humid environment. This reduce the risk of the respiratory infections and other illnesses in chameleons.

#2 Size

There is a big drawback of glass and other cages is that they are not really commercially available. It is often difficult to find reasonably priced glass enclosures with adequate dimensions. But screen cage available out there in many options for you can choose from. You do not need to house you pets in the smaller size cages than recommended.

#3 Easier to mimic natural habitat

Every chameleon keeper will want to create an enclosure conditions that similar to their natural habitat. A screen cage is not only adequate sunlight and continuous supply of fresh air for chameleons but also make it easier to regulate temperature and humidity. It is much easier to prevent overheating in a screen cage than other.

#4 Easier to drain

This feature is especially useful as chameleons need plenty of water apart from good ventilation. If you use glass tank or wooden cage, it is a big change that they are sealed around the base or you will need to make a hole in the cage’s bottom for drainage. And If the chameleon cage is sprayed with enough water several times a day, these bottom cages might be deep in water.

But screen cages make it easier to drain, prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms in the cage.