Mice produce lots of feces and, crucially, urine, which rapidly make their habitat odorous. In an enclosed cage such as a tank, smells will build up quicker so it is extra important to keep it clean. Cleaning a cage is one of the most important things for your animals if you want them live healthy and happy.

This post will help you to keep your best cage for mice always clean, out of bad smell, and reduce the amount of work you actually need to put to maintain a mice cage.

#1 How often should I clean it?

How often your mouse cage will need cleaning will depend on what type it is, how many mice are in it and the type of litter you are using, although I personally recommended you clean their cage for at least once or twice a week.

Besides, it is also important to spot clean every few days as by the time you begin to notice any unpleasant smells from old urine or droppings, they will be releasing ammonia which your mice will be breathing in.

#2 Spot cleaning

Every few days, taking certain items such as water bottle, food dish, running wheel out of your cage and clean them off. These are usually the items with urine and feces on them. Here, you just need replacing soiled bedding where feces have built up, washing any fabric items and cleaning the corner used for urinating.

#3 Over cleaning

It is also not really to over cleaning this is because Mice love to smell themselves and this is why they scent up their cage with their urine. If you clean their cage too often and remove all the smell in the cage, this will encourage them to mark up their cage more often.

That means you clean more they’ll stink it up more, and faster. This is why I recommend you to sport clean once a week, this ensure the cage will be kept clean while allows the mice to still smell their scent. The mice feel more comfortable if they can smell their own scents, so don’t over clean their cages.

#4 Fully clean

I tend to do a full clean about every 6 days. The cage of my male mice gets a full change of litter once a week and bedding every 3 days but never at the same time as the litter so that their smell is never completely removed from their home and encourages them to scent mark more.

You also have to disassemble the cage and clean it thoroughly. With the wipes, begin to clean off all the corner. Make sure you rinse every thing thoroughly with water. Once finished, allow the cage to air dry.

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