The best bird toys not only help the birds do not get bored and keep them occupied, but also crucial for their physical and mental well-being. A bird perches is an essential toy in any bird cage, which will provide physical stimulation for your pets. Since your bird perch, it will improve their balance ability.

Besides, the bird perches also help mimic the natural environment, simulate the bird activity, and make them feel like they are in the wild. Generally, the bird perch will support the birds to be more active, grow and doing exercise. However, there are not many options of perches for birds on the market, if you get hard to find the best one, follow my recommendations below.

#1 Aigou Bird Spiral Rope Perch

Aigou bird sprial rope perch will help simulate physical health of bird. This spiral rope perch is made of cotton and the inside is the loose iron wire. This is allow you can change the shape of the perch and also keep it stay in the spiral shape. It is also brounce when the birds perches and move on it.It may be bot the toy that keep the bird busy and entertained but it can improve their ability of balance, their strength and coordination of the body parts.

It is avilable in 2 sizes  are small – 52 inch and medium – 65 inch, meaning you can get the perch that suitable your bird’s size. 52 inch perch shoulb be provide for parrotlets or mini macaws, while 65 inch perch is suitable for grey parrots and caiques,

When your birds use their perch and find the way to move on it, they will be attractived by it. Also, there is a bell that is hung at the bottom of the ropw will make a little noise, what make your birds love to play with the rope, you bird even will find the way to reach the bell and ring it.

#2 Petsvv – Bird Perch, Rope Bungee Bird Toy

It is recommened that you have to provide your birds with many different types of toys for chewing, foraging, swinging, etc. If you are on the limited budget and want to save your money of buying bird toys, then this bird perch is for you. Basically, this rope from Petsvv is quite similar to the previous option, but it is available in smaller sizes. If you are owning a larger birds, you may cannot get the suitable size for your pets.

This rope is also made from cotton at the outside and woven over a iron spring at the inside. There is a beel at the bottom, which will make the interesting sound to attract the birds. At the other end of the rope is an iron hook, so you can easy connect to any wire bird cage. It is also add the benefit to the strength, coordination, and balance of birds while create the comfortable place for them to perch.

It is available 2 sizes and 2 shapes. 43 inch and 63 inch, long and round shape. With the round shape, it can be used as swing toy for small and medium sized birds.

#3 Jusney Bird Perches, Comfy Perch Parrot Toys for Rope Bungee Bird Toy

If you are looking for the bird perches that is very flexible, this perches from Jusney is the best way to quickly change the shape  regularly. Frequently change the shape of perches will alos helps to create a new enviroment. This rope allow you to simple and quickly change into the loops, curves, round and other interesting shapes.

Similar to the 2 previous options, this rope is also made from cotton, and it is even softer and more comfortable. Your pets will enjoy to perch on these vivid colored cotton rope. It is made of non-toxic food dyes and 100% safe for birds. The inside is made from flexible metal, which make the rope more flexible.

#4 Penn-Plax Bird Life Natural Tree Perch

This is the most different type of perch in this list as it not comes in the rope form. It is also more costly than the normal bungee rope, however, it provide not only perch but also water and food bown and also a tray bottom for easy to clean.

This is the exellent way to make ther bird cage look more natural as this perch will mimic the tree branche as you can see in nature. It provide a place to perch and also feeding too. The 2 food bowls is made of stainless steel and the bottom tray will catch the food if it spill out. It is made of lightweight, durable and natural wood, what make it non-toxic for birds. However, the only drawback of it is that it is available in quite small size that is suitable for smaller birds only.