Birds are the intelligent animals, and the smartest bird species such as parrots are more easier to be get bored in the captivity habitat. In order to keep birds mentally happy and stimulated in their cage, it is essential to give them the best bird toys, which can support their natural behavious of swinging, climbing, chewing etc.

Foraging toys are one of the most popular toys manufacturers as they offer your pet health and mental benefits, prevent the over growth of beak. Besides, these toys are used to keep the treat or chewable items inside, birds will need to find the way to get the treat out. This will keep your pets busy and helps maintain a sharp mind.

#1 Planet Pleasures Spiked Pinata Bird Toys

This toy from Planet Pleasures is my top pick of foraging toy. If you want to keep your birds busy for an hour, this is the great options. It is made of 100% natural palm leaves material, that is woven into an enticing piñata. It is also a renewable and recycled materials. You can rest your mind provide your pet a fun toy to keep them entertained while also ensuring their safety.

It is stuffed with natural shred able fillers., what make birds will spend their time explore it and satisfies shredding, chewing, and foraging instincts of birds. It is available in 4 sizes ranging from 7 to 17 inches, making it suitable for birds of all sizes. It is a litter drawback that it does not comes with sound-producing accessories such as a bell, which will more attract birds.

#2 Planet Pleasures Pineapple Foraging Toy

This is another bird foraging toy from Planet Pleasures, a manufacturer that have been known as their pet-safe natural toys. This is an affordable toy if you want to save your money. It comes in the form of a pineapple with irresistible color that give offer the fun time plaing for birds.

Like the previous options, this toy is also handmade from natural palm leaf and being full off palm leaf, which is 100% safety. It features spots to hide treats inside, which make foraging time more rewarding for the birds and also help prevent the overgrowth of bird’s beak. It available in 3 sizes are medium, large and x-large within a low cost.

#3 Bonka Bird Toys Foraging Star Bird Toy

This foraging toy of Bonka Bird toys is made for small and medium birds. This toy will stimulate the bird to play due to its vivid colours. It is contracted of a ball in the center and vivid crinkle paper on the sides. It also come with a bell to make sound.

This is also another affordable price foraging toy that will save your money. You are also can be able to hind the treat and fill the ball with paper on the inside. This will extend the time of playing. It also features two wooden stars on the toys that can be used as chew toys as well.

#4 Bonka Bird Toys Foraging Heart

Also come from Bonka bird toys within the affordable price. It is made from one heat at the center, which is filled with colorful shred paper and the sides is natural bamboo finger traps and the shred paper on the bottom.

The vivid bright color of it will attract the birds, make them spend their time to explore it. The heat at the middle will encourage the bird’s natural foraging instincts. And the bamboo finger traps can be used as chewing toys. However, it will be better if it comes with making-sound item such as bells.

#5 JW Pet Activitoys HOL-ee Roller Bird Toy

If you are keeping a bird who get bored easily and cannot spent hours to play with one toys, they may do not want to play with the same toy multiple time. This is the ideal option to encourage your bird’s natural foraging behavior.

Your pets will be attracted by this toy as it stimulates both mental and physical health of them at the same time. The bird cannot get the treats inside the ball easily. They will have to figure out how to take the treat out and due to that, they will spend lots of time playing with this.

The ball is made of natural rubber material and be connected with a metal chain, which makes it not only safe but also durable for long term use.