Being a new owner of the bearded dragon demanded you a lot of information bout your pets. These animals have their requirements for enclosure such as extra heat and a basking area.

Your bearded dragons will spend all of their days basking under the lamps and receive heat. Knowing how to find the best bearded dragon UVB light can help you to set up an ideal bearded dragon particular habitat.

How many hours per day that bearded dragons need UVB light?

The answer depends on the season of the year. In Spring and Summer, the weather is warmer, you can turn UVB light on about 10-12 hours per day in the morning, and turn it off in the evening.

In Autumn and Winter, the weather is much cooler, you should turn UVB bulb on for only 8-10 hours.

Adjusting time to turn on UVB light depends on the season in a year that will help mimic and create the season that the bearded dragons had in the natural environment.

Common types of the best UVB bulbs for bearded dragons

Fluorescent bulbs

Fluorescent bulbs will be the best ideal for who those limit money and a new owner of beardies because they are easy to mount and have a reasonable price. Besides, these types of the bulb will also provide enough amount of UVB for the most tank and you can use this bulb of quite long, about 6-12 months

Mercury vapor bulbs

When you are become experienced this job, maybe you will want to set up complex lighting for your pet. It’s when you need a mercury vapor bubs. These bulbs provide all UVA, UVB, and heat for your bearded dragon. They are also far superior to Fluorescent bulbs: longer lasting, significantly stronger, and more expensive.