Day: June 23, 2011

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안녕하세요 and welcome to Korea Connection!

This is our little corner of the digital world. Thanks a million for stopping by. Please take a few minutes to browse through Korea Connection, check out a few posts, and leave us a comment.

There’s so much to love about life in Korea. This website will give you a peak at that.

About Korea Connection

For expats, teachers, travellers, students, tourists, or anyone who is simply curious about the Land of Morning Calm, Korea Connection will give you the good word on:

We want this site to chronicle our lives and many adventures in Korea, and we hope it will be a useful resource to folks living here and to anyone interested in this weird and wonderful country.

About The Authors

Jinah Kim Korea Connection

The lovely Ms. Kim-Buzan


Jinah Kim-Buzan is a native of Korea who did her schoolin’  in Melbourne, Australia. Interests include but are not limited to illustration, arts and crafts, languages, photography, baking, organic farming, Borges (the cat), alternative medicine, travel, and yoga.

All of the photography at Korea Connection is courtesy Jinah and her trusty Cannon camera.

Do you need a document, article, website, book,  or anything else translated from Korean to English or English to Korean?

Jinah Kim-Buzan is a professional translator and you can learn more about hiring her for your project here.




T Paul Buzan Korea Connection

The well-fed Mr. Buzan


T. Paul Buzan is a mid-west American boy who has lived and worked in Korea since August 2007. He digs reading, writing, eating Jinah’s cooking, kettlebell training, riding bikes, Borges (the author), exploring, daydreaming, and friends and family.

T. Paul Buzan handles most of the writing here at Korea Connection.

Dig Paul’s take on Korea and the many adventures and foibles of a Yankee living in a foreign land? Paul would love to cook something up for your site or publication. Dig his portfolio here.





Borges Korea Connection

Dig that haunting gaze!


Borges is our fuzzy-man, Korea Connection mascot, comic relief, and all-around love machine. His interests include snacks, meowing for snacks, singing for snacks, performing tricks for snacks, devouring snacks, and snacks.

Some folks have inquired about what breed of cat our little Borges is. Beats us! The best guess we can hazard is that he’s some sort of cross between an owl and Yoda of Star Wars fame.

That’s us in a nutshell. Wanna get in touch? Cool. We’re a friendly bunch.

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