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  1. Valerie Hamer
    6 September, 2011

    Great article. I love soju, though it took a lot of practice to get to this point! Nothing better with pork BBQ.

    Do you know it has a shockingly high calorie count?

  2. Valerie Hamer
    6 September, 2011

    Hope it’s ok to link to this great article in a piece I am writing tonight. Susan B put me onto your blog btw.

    • Paul
      7 September, 2011

      It would be an honor. Thanks, Valerie!

  3. yurahn
    7 September, 2011

    Hello there!
    That was really fun to read.

    Your writing has really good logic and flow. I love it!
    You could write about mixed soju and beer or anything else.

    Normally I mix fruit juice with soju and it tastes like heaven:P
    Haha If you haven’t tried yet, you could try it.
    (But i bet you have tried it before)

    And there is a website : http://www.ibuzzkorea.com

    This is a kinda metablog for sharing many informataion about Korea.
    I think it would really be good to share your blog with other bloggers.

    That is exactly how I get to your blog!
    I was surfing other’s blog and came through there.

    Have a nice day and i’m about to read other your posts.


    • Paul
      7 September, 2011

      Thanks for stopping by. And thanks for sharing a cool link!

  4. Maria cecelia Ramos
    18 October, 2012

    I really love to try drinking soju with friends

    • Paul
      22 October, 2012

      It’s definitely more fun with friends, Maria!

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